In my academic and professional career I focus on therapy, art, research and education. I have dedicated myself to each of these fields and in some cases I weave them together, which can lead to new and surprising discoveries.

Art therapy combines art creation and psychotherapy. Art educational therapy and memory drawings integrate education, therapy and art making. Art and research are connected in research through art. I work in various ways in my art making. In some of my artwork I blend art therapy and visual art and in other works I for example make use of Icelandic lava to explore the relationship between nature and creativity.

I endeavour to explore and utilize accepted therapy approaches and teaching methods that aim to help individuals better understand themselves and discover their own inner strength. In many cases I challenge the ideas that my predecessors have contributed to the world of academia and the sciences, each in their own field, which often gives rise to new methods in a constantly changing society in which there is an increased demand to integrate different fields of knowledge and theory.

A brief summary of my academic and professional experience can be found here below. For more information about each individual field, click on the button “see website.”

I hope you enjoy the journey across the landscape of therapy, art, research and education.